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EO Cloud Project
Welcome to the data processing cloud for the Earth Observation industry
  • - All the newest EU Copernicus Sentinel 1,2,3, Landsat, Envisat and other EO data available for fast local processing
  • - Private cloud processing environments
  • - Dedicated tools and services for EO Data processing
Search, process and analyse EO Data, run Your own services, store and distribute your own data collections.
Cut costs, setup your environment in minutes, scale infrastructure on demand.
EO Cloud services
EO Cloud offers three main services: access to EO satellite data, cloud processing services like Virtual Machines (VMs) and dedicated servers and cloud storage services: volume storage and object storage
EO Data in EO Cloud
EO Data provides easy local access to almost all Copernicus Sentinel data. No more waiting – the data is already there. We have full Sentinel-2 and 3 data, full ESA/Landsat and Envisat data and selected Sentinel-1 data (SLC for Europe, GRD for the world). Other EO Data available on demand – contact us.
EO Cloud processing
You can process EO data with the use of cloud VMs (with full root control), dedicated physical servers and batch processing
EO Cloud storage
We provide many storage options: volume storage on HDD and SSD devices, object storage, big data storage (in EO Data repository).
Other services
There are many other services available in EO Cloud: virtual networking, virtual applicances like Firewall as a Service or VPN as a Service, direct data conections, physical import/export of data and many others

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EO Cloud Tools

EO Finder

Find data you want to download or process on EO Cloud.

EO Cloud Dashboard

Manage resources in the OpenStack cloud.

EO Browser

Browse EO data and access it using OGC API.
Try us - get a free test credit
Here you can get a free credit to test our solution. No commitments
Special conditions for scientific users
ESA sponsored resources for scientific users - open call OSEO-CP

Latest Announcements

28/06/2017 - EO Cloud and drones
EO Cloud Platform as a perfect tool to integrate satellite imagery and very high resolution...

07/06/2017 - EO Cloud as the official representative of Copernicus Relay
EO Cloud Platform, developed by Creotech Instruments S.A. and Cloud Ferro Sp. z o.o. has joined...

03/04/2017 - Sentinel Hub at the EO Cloud - OGC EO Interface Integration Service
Good news for all the researchers and scientists out there. You can now get a  free account...

Our Partners

ESA is an anchor tenant of EO Cloud platformEO Cloud is however open for any other customers
Creotech is our commercial and marketing partner
Sinergise's SentinelHub platform is installed on EO Cloud.

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